Years ago, my art teacher told the class to draw a glass half full of water. Each student had their own glass in front and started drawing.


It wasn't a hard task so after 15 minutes the first students finished their artworks, and so did I. The teacher examined our drawings, but he wasn't satisfied with the results and taught us to draw it again. So we did this... But he still wasn't happy with the outcome: "The task was not to draw a glass of water, the task was to draw the glass of water in front of you". 

I was annoyed and just stared at this stupid glass and began to see some details I haven't seen before...

Small cracks in the glass, tiny dust flakes and thousands of different reflections. Reflections in the glass, in the water, and in the reflecting water drops I saw myself, my classmates and the whole classroom.

«You don’t have to learn to draw, you have to learn to see.»

© 2020 by Laura Heussi Rubin