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Limited - Nocturne.jpg

Nocturne is a general term describing a piece of art related to the evening or the night.

So the character in the painting does not show a living being but represents the feeling of night. I worked on it exclusively at night, trying to capture the sensations I had in the character's essence. A feeling of peace and tranquillity, and yet it doesn't take much to make you feel afraid or lonely... 

So she had to be strong and beautiful, threatening yet aesthetic. With a fearful yet caring expression on her face, because you never know exactly what the darkness of the night will bring.

So you don't see a human in the painting but the night itself and the feeling that surrounds it.


  • Framing included

  • Unique piece (1/1)

  • Signed and numbered

  • Price $ 1800.00




via  Modern Eden 

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