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Escorted by her drawing tablet, Laura H. Rubin wanders through a one-of-a-kind universe that she manages to capture in original yet ominous creations. Her portraits emanate from a fascination for mythology and psychology, which shines a light on a both poetic and profound reflection. A wild and untamable taste brushes the plump lips of her graceful characters, who bear untouchable and tormented airs. As timeless models, they seem frozen in the eye of an observer who admires emotions’ impenetrable wound. It is with a remarkable fineness and technical realism that she depicts the hidden territories of our sensitivities, thanks to her sensual and enigmatic characters. She thus offers a genuine journey through Melancholia.


This autobiographical art book is presented as a true practical guide: the artist shares her tips and technical advice. She also offers help with the choice of material, style development or graphic techniques application thanks to an educational approach to creative processes.



240 Pages

Bilingual - English & French

Worldwide shipping

Due to a technical error, the information about the language of the book may be incorrect in some shops. The book is not only French but also English. Both languages are in the same book. No matter where you order it from. :)

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Founder and creative director of

the Stroke Art Fair

When I saw Laura’s work for the first time a few years ago, I was both fascinated and disturbed at the same time.

I was torn, on the one hand, between this very conspicuous and purist beauty, this youthfulness, so real and powerful, and on the other hand, the disturbing gaze – looking glass of the infinitude –, the almost sad facial features, the fragility and the recurring face painting in all its forms. These portraits unite seemingly incompatible realities: pain stands alongside lust and pleasure, visual acuity frames mental blurring. We find answers to questions that have never been asked – or that are too rarely asked. Big questions, investigating what cannot be distinguished at first glance, trying to discover our real selves or examining how much the scientific analysis of phenotypical quality could enlighten us about the relationships we maintain with our fellow human beings.


Laura works digitally; it enables her to combine the elitist and the popular, the probable and the impossible, reality and myth, with such an unbelievable talent. She therefore follows her own path and steps aside of our academic understanding of art.
Which is actually brilliant!


- Read the whole preface in Melancholia -

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