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Nocturne is the highest quality and most expensive of my original and limited edition works to date. Because it was also one of the most elaborate of my works.

Nocturne is a general term describing a piece of art related to the evening or especially the night.

So the character in the painting does not show a living being but represents the feeling of night. I worked on it exclusively at night, trying to capture the sensations I had in the character's essence. A feeling of peace and tranquillity, and yet it doesn't take much to make you feel afraid or lonely... 

So she had to be strong and beautiful, threatening yet aesthetic. With a fearful yet caring expression on her face, because you never know exactly what the darkness of the night will bring.

So you don't see a human in the painting but the night itself and the feeling that surrounds it.


  • Creation Date - August 2020

  • Sales Launch - October 2020

  • Framing included

  • Unique piece (1/1)

  • Signed and numbered

  • Price $ 1800.00


1/1 Available 

available at Modern Eden


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